First presentation of DiMe project’s findings took place at the University of Tampere

Päivi Honkatukia and Arseniy Svynarenko presented DiMe project’s initial finding to Intergenerational Encounter workshop
at the University of Tampere
Workshop participants: Jonathan Burrow (University of Oulu), Päivi Honkatukia (University of Tampere), Kirsi Pauliina Kallio (University of Tampere), Sara Koopman (University of Tampere), Jacob Lind (Malmö University), Zsuzsa Millei (University of Tampere), Samantha Punch (University of Stirling, Arseniy Svynarenko (University of Tampere), Antu Sorainen (University of Helsinki), Elina Stenvall (University of Tampere), Mary Thomas (Ohio State University), Gill Valentine (University of Sheffield), Robert Vanderbeck (University of Leeds), Hanne Warming (Roskilde University).
Presentation slides.