Guest lecture Thu 3.11: Media anthropologist Dr. John Postill (RMIT University, Melbourne)

Welcome to hear media anthropologist Dr. John Postill (RMIT University, Melbourne) give a talk on digital rights – perspectives on media anthropological activism.
Time: Thu 3.11. 2–4pm
Place: U37, Tiedekuntasali (Unioninkatu 37, Faculty of Social Sciences, 1st floor, Faculty Hall)
+ Coffee and refreshments and discussion after lecture.
Victims, volunteers and voices of the digital age: personifying digital rights in Indonesia and beyond
As the internet and digital media become an ever more integral part of our social and political lives, the struggles to control these technologies continue to intensify. Recent years have seen the emergence of a global digital rights movement led by citizen initiatives such as WikiLeaks, Anonymous, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Global Voices (Postill 2014). This heterogeneous, rapidly evolving movement draws together tech-minded activists from around the world working on equal internet access, mass surveillance, online censorship, intellectual property and related issues. In this talk I explore how digital rights activists in Indonesia (and elsewhere) struggle to translate or ‘modulate’ (Kelty 2008) key digital rights issues – which are often highly technical and abstract – to reach diverse publics. I argue that Indonesia’s digital rights activists have developed a pedagogical folksonomy in which three particular digital personas stand out, namely victims (korban), volunteers (relawan) and voices (suara) of the digital age.
Cover photo and photo below: Screenshots from RMIT University video