Digital book “Youth in the Media City” is out now!

We are happy to announce the release of DiMe research project’s new digital book Youth in the Media City – Belonging and Control on the Move. The book is a collection of our researcher’s essays on their research: fieldwork in the metro, encounters in an urban circus, active player communities of Pokémon Go, the redefinition of the city by sticker artists and debating gender in graffiti subculture.

The essays dive into subcultural phenomena in Helsinki and St. Petersburg and reveal hidden forms of control in urban space as well as forms of community and belonging. The multi-sensory experience lets you explore the phenomena through sound art and photography.

The publication is an experimental way of bringing research topics to a broader audience through popular scientific writing and art.

Buy the printed publication here. Download the pdf version for free here.

Illustration: Ulla Eronen / Kaskas Media

Editors: Johanna Sumiala & Annaliina Niitamo

Writers: Johanna Sumiala, Leena Suurpää, Päivi Honkatukia, Malin Fransberg, Yana Krupets, Heta Mulari, Anastasia Sablina, Arseniy Svynarenko, Nadezhda Vasileva

Publisher: The Finnish Research Society / The Finnish Research Network

Visual design and illustrations: Kaskas Media

Photos: Patrik Rastenberger

Sound art: Taina Riikonen

Funding from Kone Foundation