Making a research-art exhibition Visible Invisibility

Visible Invisibility – to two exhibitions by the Digital Youth in the Media City (DiMe) project with the main aim to use art forms for communicating to broader audiences the findings of our scientific research project. We wanted to tell about visible and invisible sides of youth cultures in academic, artistic and ethical ways. We also wanted to give floor to young people to be co-researchers and co-presenters of research. [...]

Studying the everyday – and many, many metro coffees

From the beginning of our research project, us field researchers met monthly to discuss current research issues. What is special about our meetings is, that we never go to the same place twice. In fact, we have met at each and every metro station in Helsinki, one after another for “metro coffees”. This blog text discusses questions of researching the everyday and illustrates our metro coffee meetings as being in the field, part of the lived urban space. We also share our first observations of the western metro extension (hereafter “länsimetro”).  [...]